AT&T vs. Verizon With a Splash of Apple

Living in Boulder Co. with AT&T and the IPhone is not as bad as living in New York City or Westchester NY with AT&T and the IPhone, but it’s still frustrating. Dropped calls, crossed lines, calls that never go through, etc, etc, etc…

Does it need to be, do we have options?

I run a monthly technology meeting focused on new technology in Boulder Co., its call New Tech, and I asked how many people have smart phones other then an IPhone. 15% of the people in this months meeting raised their hands, I was shocked. I asked the same question 6 months ago and about 2% of the people raised their hands. Granted our audience is technical, but if the geeks are starting to switch, it’s not long before they convince their friends and family to do the same.

I can see the next Verizon commercial. hello, hello, hello

Why is AT&T just giving this business away?

Here is my second free suggestion, focus on the people you’re losing rather then trying to acquire new ones. Otherwise I predict in 12 months the number of people who have switched will be significantly higher.


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