Prior to inventing Me.dium, Robert was Special Counsel to the Interior Minister of Crazy Freaking Ideas for the Independent Nation of HoolaHoop. Eschewing a future of trying to convince grumpy, coconut throwing ex-cannibals that the bamboo “Spork” might just hold the key to their independence, Robert hailed the first castaway raft and floated across the Pacific for three months where he painstaking inscribed the source code and first, high-level interaction maps for Me.dium on each log of his raft using only his left molar (which fell out shortly after he started his voyage as a result of a run-in with a rogue wave and his stash of coconut fruit snacks).

Now, Robert enjoys all the benefits of starting a company in Boulder, CO, including a nomadic lifestyle, a sunburned head and sandals that most people would mistake for some bear/mountain lion trap gone bad.

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