Endorsement’s – The New Like for Skills?

Endorsements are a light weight method of aligning your social capital with a colleagues specific skills. Below is my current snapshot.

What I am finding interesting is the perception vs reality. I primarily think of my self as an entrepreneur/innovator who has specific skills around UX, UI and business process, and the world so far has aligned itself with the entrepreneur/innovator. This is good, I think, but it clearly shows I am missing the mark on educating people on my other skills. I have since added a few portfolio pieces via an app from Behance. I wonder if it will change the perception or if my reality is off.

Offering a simpler way to align ones social capital feels right, but i wonder how it effects us in 10 years. The attention economy needs to be revisited, now that we have all of these subtle signals: likes, endorsements, thumbs up. The bigger social question, if we take a step back, is how will the like/endorsement change our society. The simple answer is personalization. Whats the real answer?

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