Am I A Brilliant Jerk

Hmmmm – Let me ponder this question for a minute, perhaps you should tell me?

The New York Times did a piece on this concept over the weekend titled “What Do You Do With the Brilliant Jerk?” and its making its way  around the startup community. People are arguing both sides, but what i find most interesting is where they suggest this type of person excels, innovation.

Innovation is a tricky thing and it requires: persistence, stubbornness, and vision, which if broken down could easily be miss-interpreted as “brilliant jerk”.

I can tell you first hand that one of the most frustrating parts of having a vision is the time that it takes to get others to understand it; days, weeks, months and in most cases years. This does not fit well into our Twitter based world of elevator pitches, million dollar 30 second spots, or coffee shop conversations. As the slow food movement is providing an alternative to our fast food obese society, I wonder if giving the Brilliant Jerk some extra time, early on, will make him/her just a brilliant person.

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