Fear and Panic

Everyone has boundaries both physical and emotional. Pushing through those boundaries/truths is hard. The common statements: how do i start, I can’t, it’s hard, I don’t understand, I’m going to fast, things are not happening are all places where fear and panic kicks in. As entrepreneurs and humans we have to learn how to experience these boundaries.

A friend of mine who loves to cave dive shared a story with me that has always helped me when I am stuck. He was looking to explore some new caves, and after an extended period of time found what looked like an amazing one to explore. He swam around for awhile and did not realize the cave was getting smaller and smaller until it was to late. Now you know the end of the story, because he was able to share it, but let me recount a few of the details and the most important part as it relates to fear and panic.

I do not remember why he was not able to detect the size of the cave, but I do remember that he said it was black and the top and bottom of the cave had things sticking out. He realized the cave was getting smaller when his gear started to scrape. He quickly slowed down and tried to move his body and thats when things went from bad to worse. He was stuck.

I like to joke with my kids in these situations PANIC and thats exactly what he did. Many many thoughts raced through his head, most of them negative and judgmental. Then his training kicked in. His brain slowed down and started to compartmentalize.

He looked at his gauges, his lights, his gear and began to device a plan. Yes, this is the james bond part with the clock counting down he slipped out of his gear push himself backwards and before running out of air,  made it back to the boat.

Compartmentalizing saved his life and I speculate when those moments arise for you, and they will. if you can compartmentalize your thoughts you will find away out of the quicksand.

When will Apple replace employees with iPads

I wonder if the cuts at the Apple store will lead to replacing the majority of their underpaid floor workers with Facetime and workers behind glass. I could see a basket of iPads at the front door and glued to the table next to each product. When the consumer needs help, they tap the screen and talk to the genius behind the glass. A custom version of facetime could be created that told the person behind the glass where in the store the user was standing. A new kind of in-store GPS called Point of Sale (POS).

Update: that was  faster then i was expecting, 1 day after I predict Apple will have geniuses behind glass they announced a new feature to its Online store in the UK.  Apple Geniuses to help you pick the right iPhone.


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