Hello…Hello…I’ll call you back once Verizon goes iPhone

New Tech Boulder predicts 54% of the existing iPhone users will switch from AT&T to Verizon. What’s the math and is it time to buy Verizon, Apple or short AT&T stock?

  • According to comScore 23% of the iPhones sold as of November 2010 were for the US Market.
  • The same article reports about 75 million iPhones have been sold to date.

If the New Tech survey is accurate and 54% of the people switch thats 9,315,000 new Verizon customers.

  • If these number are correct and using my AT&T  bill as an average $150 a month, This will increase Verizon monthly billings by $2,587,500,000.
  • Increasing Verizon’s annual revenue by $31,050,000,000.

Holy sh!t these numbers seem crazy.

I don’t think the current Verizon stock reflects these types of increases, but remember buying and selling stock is an adult responsibility and I’m not an investment advisor.

  • AT&T stock price 28.85 / market cap 170 bilion
  • Verizon Stock price 35.93 / market cap 101 billion
  • Apple Stock price 336.12 / market cap 303 billion

A few other stats you might find interesting:

  • 26% have already switched to Android
  • 5% have switch to Windows 7
  • 4% use a blackberry


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