Apple releases IOS4 for the iPad months ahead of schedule

Apple elegantly moves the topic of conversation by releasing IOS4.0.1 and then telling everyone it also works on the iPad. I am not sure how anyone ever used the original iPad OS.

What, did you say something about an iPhone problem thats so yesterday?

iPad vs the iPhone 4 – the design question

One of my favorite things about the iPad is its ability to automatically determine orientation, hand it to someone and it figures out the proper screen direction.  The devices design when in your hands is amazing, and very easy to differentiate front from back without looking.

Surprisingly the iPhone 4 does not do this well. The back and front feel almost exactly the same. I noticed this when someone recently was trying to show me there exciting new App and didn’t realize the phone was backwards. I was looking at the phone and they were looking at me.  Apple has a beautiful device on their hands, but it feels heavy, has major antenna issues and now orientation problems. Waiting was the right decision. :)

Note to Apple: please slightly round the glass on the back of the phone and add a coating to the antenna before releasing the white version. While I am asking, please enable Verizon as well, thanks.



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