Googlsoft vs. Apple

Google is expanding on Microsoft’s play book in multiple ways.

First lets review the ways they are copying it:

  1. They are watching Apple
  2. They are building and promoting developer tools
  3. They are creating a distributed ecosystem
  4. They are providing a method for developers to make money and expand their ecosystem
    1. Application sales
    2. Advertising
    3. Consulting
  5. They are creating platforms and services people can incorporate into their applications
  6. They are hosting large developer events

Second lets review a few of the Microsoft employees that ended up at senior roles in Google:

  1. Vic Gundotra – President, Engineering
    1. Previously, Vic spent 15 years at Microsoft, where he worked on a variety of products and operating systems, including Windows 3.0, NT, Windows XP, and Vista.
  2. Andy Rubin – Vice President, Engineering
    1. he was instrumental in building and shipping WebTV, the first interactive television-based Internet service, which was acquired by Microsoft in 1995.
  3. Neal Mohan – Vice President, Product Management
    1. He has also served in strategy and consulting roles at Microsoft

Last let’s review how they are expanding on the Microsoft’s play book:

  1. They have elected to build on open technologies instead of closed proprietary environments
  2. They are innovating  the ideas/platforms they are stealing from Apple very fast
  3. They are continuing to innovate on the platform as well as the UI

The big question everyone is asking – can Google become the next Microsoft and dominate the tech world for a decade or two. I had a fortune cookie with with dinner the other night that said it best “plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery”.

Google is not only taking Microsoft’s play book but they are adding a few new chapters.


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