Apple vs. Adobe

A stand for standards, maybe, maybe not. I would be willing to bet that Apple has alternative motives in taking this stand, but I am happy Apple is supporting HTML5.

I just wish they would go all the way and remove Flash from Safari on the Mac.

Disabling Flash on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad is a big deal, but Apple has no competition on these platforms. Removing Flash from Safari on the Mac, where Firefox and Chrome have signficant market share, now that would be making a stand.

Steve, thanks for the effort, but its kind of like being half pregnant, until you remove Flash on the Mac its not really about HTML5.

Bait and Switch anyone.

The iPad Review

I am writing this post on my iPad and wow what a device, it just feels good in my hands. I am still wrestling with the purchase decision only because it does so much so well, but just not enough to replace a laptop or computer.

Apple’s focus on detail makes you just want to stand up and cheer even though you do not understand or agree with some of the decisions. For example, I agree HTML5 is the way we should consume web video and game content, but so much of the video and game content on the web today uses Flash and it’s loss really hurts the browsing experience.

The standard has been set and just like the iPhone everyone else will be playing catchup and innovating around the edges.

The Positives:
1) The keyboard works
2) The transitions are perfect
3) The browser is great
4) Existing iPhone applications just work and the larger size gives them new life
5) Device orientation no longer matters and thats just cool
6) Multitouch is so intuitive
7) The device does not get hot while sitting on your lap for extended periods of time
8) Battery life so far seems good, I used 65% of the battery my first day, put it on the base as a clock and upon waking up it was fully charged

The Negatives:
Writing this post in WordPress was painful: simple things like selecting the text box, moving the cursor position in the selected text box, fixing typos or importing images all proved to be challenging. The issues are mostly software related, but they are large because they will require wide spread change in how people design and build UI’s.

1) No Flash support
2) No camera
3) Applications need “Undo” built into the menu
4) Fingers are not precise pointing devices and get in the way
5) Swipe is a cool effect but should be augmented with a hardware next button
6) Required authorization before starting

Apple you Rock, great work. I can feel the future and that’s the problem. The device is so close, but because of existing points of reference, mostly software, also so far. I look forward to version 3.


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