OneRiot Predicts American Idol Winner

As I walked into the house tonight my kids were watching American Idol and my son informed me that Adam was going to win. I said Ethan, I know he is your favorite but I disagree. According to the analysis done at OneRiot this week Kris was the winner.

He said no way and asked if I wanted a jellybean. The jellybean container actually has two snakes that jump out upon opening. I said no thank you.

Visit the OneRiot Blog to see how they predicted the winner or to search the realtime web visit

Techstars Mentors and the Boulder Community

Boulder has this incredible program called Techstars. One of the impressive things they do is leverage mentors both locally and nationwide. The Techstars employees and advisors do a great job of getting these mentors to Boulder. When they overlap with community events like New Tech, for example, they connect these people to the event organizers and the larger Boulder community can network with and gain access to these experienced professionals.

The problem arises that community events only happen a few days a month so members are only getting access to a fraction of the mentors. Over the past week, I have received multiple emails, txts and tweets from Boulder entrepreneurs expressing their envy and their desire to make these mentor trips more productive for the community and the arriving mentors.

I would like to propose a few options and if anyone has other ideas please comment:

  • Create a public calendar of visiting mentors
  • Hold several of the mentoring meetings per week at CU or some other large auditorium so a portion of the entrepreneurial community can attend
  • Do an interview series with mentors, similar to the Entrepreneur’s Unplugged series hosted at CU during the school year.

I am not suggesting these events should be free, though it would be nice. I think most people in the community would pay $5-10 to sit through these sessions, especially if it  included snacks.

thoughts, ideas suggestions?

While I am on my Boulder sopabox, I also think Boulder needs a cool tech conference. I propose something like SXSW meets TED.

who’s in?


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