I am tired of people asking me why they should use Twitter. Why shouldn’t they use it?  Besides the medical conditions that it creates, trigger finger, extreme joint swelling and ADD, the service is used by many celebrities and millions of people. So why do so many of my friends think the service provides no value?

I say trigger finger and extreme joint  swelling provide value. What if you didn’t feel like playing a game of basketball with a bunch of oversized peeps who show up at the park? A quick tweet and wham, trigger finger. It’s the perfect excuse to avoid any sporting event that requires your hands.

Not all users will suffer from trigger finger and extreme joint swelling , but ADD effects all twitter users at some point. You know you have ADD when you find yourself checking twitter at inappropiate times. Examples include: tweeting  during a meeting, in the middle of a conversation, during a congressional session or while having sex.

I admit I suffer from all of the above, and my knee hurts. I wonder if I can blame that on Twitter as well? 

Twitter user name: menro

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