SEO Vs. Personalization

When the link structure of the Internet is no longer a primary signal to a web search engine what happens to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What other signals might replace or augment current techniques?

  • Social Graph
  • Implicit web
  • Tagging
  • Semantic Web
  • Status Updates 
  • Comments

What will drive the next generation of web search, let’s review a few of the leading candidates?

Social Graph

This is already an important signal that few people have mastered; Microsoft purchased a portion of Facebook, Google has OpenSocial. News Corp is pushing really hard with Myspace.

Implicit Web

This is already an important set of signals, but they are not very public. Every click you make every search you enter everything you purchase oneline – someone’s gaterhing that data. 


Delicious made this concept popular and it has already been folded into the list of existing signals leveraged by search engines like Google.

Semantic Web

This ismoving slowly into the limelight, one tripple at a time.  

Status Updates 

This is a feature of most social systems; it also stands alone as a signal that can be mined. Twitter and FriendFeed is a perfect example of this activity.


The concept of a trusted source has been around for years, but is it becoming more important to web search engines as they branch into universal search.


I have hinted at a few of the emerging signals, what else should we be looking @?

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